NATO Parading Around Estonia, Russia Responds

Of all the irresponsible things a “defensive” alliance could do, having a military parade “within yards” of the Russian border is pretty close to the top of the list. What message does it expect to convey except one of provocation?

Estonia military near Russian border

Estonia military near Russian border

This is especially true when you consider the town where NATO held its parade is 90 percent ethnic Russian. Imagine if you’re one of those Russians and you see British, European and ethnic Estonian troops marching through your town in an attempt to intimidate Russia? Russia certainly noticed and it didn’t like it:

The parade is an obvious snub at Estonia’s eastern neighbor Russia, whom it accuses of pushing aggressive policies in Eastern Europe. The Estonian government is among several vocally accusing Russia of waging a secret war against Ukraine by supplying arms and troops to anti-Kiev forces in the east.

Moscow denies the accusations, insisting that the post-coup government in Kiev alienated its own people in the east and started a civil war instead of resolving the differences through dialogue.

Of course Russia responded with its own military drills on the other side of the border. So, to put this in perspective, where there was no build-up of forces before NATO’s actions, NATO created one. And a build-up of forces very often leads to the use of forces.

Why all this matters to us Canadians is that Canada is being just as bellicose as NATO in dealing with Russia. We’ve had jet interceptors in the Baltic countries; we’re considering sending “trainers” to Ukraine and we’re pounding the drum of war here at home.

You can do your bit to stave off the inevitable conflict. Write your M.P., make your views known to your political party, write the editor of your local newspaper. Tell them to cut the posturing, curb the rhetoric, bring Canadian troops home from Europe.

Tell them, no war with Russia; not now, not ever.

British General Says War with Russia Possible

On a day when a Canadian commentator says Canada may supply anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, a British General says tensions with Russia could blow up into all-out conflict, posing “an existential threat to our whole being.” For ‘existential threat’ read nuclear war.

TOW anti-tank missile being fired from Canadian-made light armoured vehicle

TOW anti-tank missile being fired from Canadian-made light armoured vehicle

The Telegraph reported the comments about war with Russia were made by Britain’s top general in NATO:

Gen Sir Adrian Bradshaw, deputy commander of Nato forces in Europe, said there was a danger Vladimir Putin could try to use his armies to invade and seize Nato territory, after calculating the alliance would be too afraid of escalating violence to respond.

His comments follow a clash between London and Moscow after the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, said there was a “real and present danger” Mr Putin could try to destabilise the Baltic states with a campaign of subversion and irregular warfare.

Both comments, and the Canadian opinion, follow the victory by pro-Russian separatists in a battle over a strategic rail hub in Eastern Ukraine. Nothing rattles Western leaders like the failure of a client state on the Russian border.

And if that’s true, what do you think the triumph of street mobs in Kiev did to Russia on the other side of the border? What do you think of the fact the new (illegal) regime immediately moved to ban Russian for official use in Ukraine? What do you think Russia felt about repeated calls by the government for Ukraine to join NATO, the Western alliance aimed at Russia?

It’s obvious how the current Ukrainian crisis started and it’s even more obvious a campaign of vilification is now under way against Russia and President Putin. All this needs to stop and stop soon.

We could, we in the West, push Putin so hard it decides the Hell with it and issues a launch order against the weakling in the White House.

Please make sure this doesn’t happen. Write your M.P. or Representative and tell him to tell the government to back off. Leave Russia alone to defend itself. Stop baiting the bear. Tell him, no war with Russia, not now, not ever.

Putin Preparing for Nuclear War with US

An analysis by the respected British newspaper, The Telegraph, says Russia is preparing its population for nuclear war with the United States. The preparation is being done through the comments of various spokesmen through state media.


Topol M, ICBMs on road transporters

For example, earlier this month, Dmitry Kiselyov, who heads Russia’s main state news agency looked into the camera and asked; “What is Russia preparing for?” As if in reply, the director cut to an ominous backdrop image of an intercontinental ballistic missile emerging from an underground launch silo.

Last spring, Kiselyov made it even more clear, he said,  “Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the U.S. into radioactive ash.”

“This threat of nuclear war should be taken seriously,” said Sergey Markov, a political strategist. “In Russia, we believe that Ukraine has been occupied by the U.S. And that this occupation is not about democracy, or even money, but that it is the first step in a war against Russia. The U.S. is seeking to undermine our sovereignty, neutralize our nuclear potential, and steal our oil and gas. Under these circumstances, the danger of nuclear confrontation is very real.”

Read the whole article, reprinted in the National Post, and you’ll see how the public is being primed for a showdown with Washington.

If you think this is worrisome, write your M.P. or Representative and tell him to get America (and Canada) to back off on threatening Russia in Ukraine; an integral part of the former Russian Empire and Soviet Union.

The West was wrong to advance NATO to Russia’s borders, and it’s wrong about Ukraine. Tell that to your Member of Parliament.

Tell him or her you want no war with Russia; not now, not ever.

Big News: Germany and France have Peace Plan

Most of the Western Media, excepting the Daily Telegraph and RT, have missed the point of the visit by Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to Kiev and Moscow. They did so in order to nip U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who also visited Kiev, and who is offering military aid to Ukraine.

There is a real possibility President Putin will agree to their plan and the war will be over.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been noticeably unhelpful in this dramatic, last minute diplomacy.


The four parties have agreed on a settlement and cease fire. America was not involved, except to threaten a wider war from the sidelines.

Russia Still has the Saudi Arabia Option

American bank Morgan Stanley thinks Russia is doomed, financially, which it appears to think is just fine as far as it’s concerned. However a commentator to the article at the Financial Post has another scenario. Russia, instead of fighting with the West who are imposing sanctions, could easily take on the Saudis who are hurting Russia more with low oil prices.


Russian 3M54 Club anti-ship-missiles


Here’s a real possibility presented by commentator GreatnessLostIsLegend:
Japan made a decision in 1941after FDR’s oil embargo decision to attack Pearl Harbor out of desperation. Yamamoto knew if they did not knock out US Pacific forces the “sleeping giant” would destroy them. Today Putin has nukes, actually a force that is quite modern, and able to make North America glow in the dark. Any threat by Obama to hit Russia’s homeland in response is thwarted by counter attack that would destroy the US and Canada by the way. Checkmate.
US carrier forces are obsolete in a modern conflict. It is why Obama didn’t attack Syria after Assad crossed that red line. Russian anti-ship missiles are the world’s best. They can literally cut a Nimitz Class carrier in two. Carrier AGW systems are unable to thwart sunburn’s terminal maneuvering.
little as 8 Russian nuclear subs armed with two salvos of its land attack cruise would decimate Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure. Threat of follow up attack would stop its foreign dominated workforce from repairing it. Based on its cash reserves, and “great moral character” of its “Royal Family” S.A. would fall apart within three years. After it would take upwards of ten years before anyone could go in to begin and repair the damage.

Putin knows as I do, Obama would fire off a lot of rhetoric, but do nothing. The UN would be toothless. Saudi Arabia’s military could not damage Russia to a significant degree. China would sit it out knowing in the future it could move in and re-develop the area. In other words the world would just sit back while ISIL mopped up the pieces.

NATO expansion in E. Europe ‘destroys EU security order’ – Gorbachev

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbacheve knows more about East/West security issues than almost anyone. So when he says something important about them we should all pay attention. What he’s saying now is that NATO has destroyed European stability and security.


Former Soviet President Gorbachev

Speaking to Der Spiegel, Gorbachev said the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe has destroyed the European security order and the Ukraine crisis could easily lead to nuclear war. Here’s a quote:

The expansion of the bloc in the east [of Europe] has destroyed the European security order which was written in the Helsinki Final Act of 1975,” the 83-year-old political veteran told the German newspaper.

NATO’s expansion has become “a 180-degree turn drawing us away from the Paris Charter of 1990, which was made together with all European states to finally leave the Cold War in the past.”

Of course that is exactly what this Blog has been saying from its inception. NATO is pressing towards the Russian border just like Hitler’s legions did in the Second World War. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Hitler set up puppet states as he rolled eastward each allied with Germany just as NATO is doing today. And just as they were then, today’s Eastern European states are also allied with Germany through NATO.

The only difference is that Hitler used force and today Germany and America are using economic power.

The point I’m making is that Russia will not accept the harsh economic sanctions currently being applied by NATO, the West, and incidentally, Saudi Arabia. It will fight back if pushed to the wall.

If you’re worried about this, and you have every reason to worry, write your M.P. and demand that Canada withdraw from Europe, withdraw from NATO and refuse to antagonize our nuclear-armed Northern neighbour.


The War Drums are Beating in Canada

A respectable conservative think tank, the Fraser Institute, has come out publicly calling for Canadian troops to be sent to the Baltic countries. You should read the whole thing because it implies that stationing troops in “NATO’s most-at-risk members” will halt Russian expansion into the territory of the old Soviet Union.

estonians cropped

Estonian troops during a NATO exercise in Poland in 2013.  (NATO photo/SSgt Ian Houlding GBR Army)

This is EXACTLY the kind of thinking that caused Canada to agree to a British request in 1941 to send two infantry battalions and a brigade headquarters (1,975 personnel) to Hong Kong to deter Japan from expanding southwards. That had zero effect on the Empire of Japan which launched its attack on Dec. 8, killing or capturing the entire contingent in a matter of days.

Indeed, if you go back a little further, Neville Chamberlain extended a military alliance to Poland in 1939 to deter Hitler from expanding eastward. The fact was Britain had no troops to send to Poland, no way to get them there and no real desire to fight. It was all a bluff that Hitler called and started WWII.

Trying to bluff large countries led by powerful leaders bent on establishing, or in this case, re-establishing empires, always leads to war. Please consider that last sentence. Where we intervene on behalf of a belligerent in an alliance, it always causes a war.

Where we do not intervene, as in the Spanish Civil War, it remains a civil war. The same thing happened in the Franco-Prussian war which Britain sat out and suffered zero deaths. There are plenty of examples of this from history; too many to count.

The bottom line is that alliances don’t prevent wars, they cause wars. We can all thank God Ukraine is not a member of NATO or WWIII would already have started!

Do what you can to stop this madness. Call or write your M.P. and demand that Canada remove its soldiers, aircraft and ships from the area around Russia. We should also get out of NATO while we’re at it. NATO is a dangerous illusion that could kill us all.